Meet coach Sifiso!

Meet coach Sifiso!

July 24, 2018

It doesn’t matter if you win as long as you give everything, every time. This is the motto of Hoërskool Nelspruit cricket coach, Sifiso Mahima.

Sifiso doesn’t like cricket, he loves it! So much so, that he is has made a career out of it here in the Lowveld. What he loves most about the game, is that it teaches discipline.“It is very challenging working with teenagers, but as challenging as it is, as great are the rewards when you achieve success,” says Sifiso.

He has been coaching cricket for the Johan Rudolph Cricket Academy at Hoërskool Nelspruit since 2015. Hailing from KaBokweni, this all-rounder went to school and started his cricket journey at Lowveld High School and Uplands College and went on to play first class cricket for Mpumalanga. Since then he has completed a course in sports management and administration.

Sifiso takes pride in his students’ achievements such as old Hoërskool Nelspruit brothers Pieter and André Malan who has been included in the Western Province Cobras team and in the Lion squad. He has a soft spot for Hoërskool Nelspruit students and says that they are tough, able to take constructive criticism and not scared to work hard.

He sees himself as quite a tough coach who always pushes his students to give 100%. “Even if you lose, but you know in your heart that you gave it your all during the match and with practise, you’re still a winner. But if you lose, and you know you did not give 100%, then you failed.”

Even though Sifiso’s first love is cricket, he believes that school comes first, and sport second. “Academics is the main reason one goes to school and it’s important to always have something to fall back on if your dreams and aspirations of becoming a sport star does not work out,” he says.

Sifiso Mahima and Lourens Pëtersen of Hoërskool Nelspruit.

Having said that, Sifiso is of the opinion that it is important to take part in a team sport. “It teaches people- and life skills that you would not have acquired otherwise. In a country with so many different cultures, sport is the one thing that brings us all together and provides a platform to mingle with others.”

Sifiso is engaged to Bongile and they have two daughters. “Unfortunately, they prefer netball and have no interest in cricket – they find it very boring,” he says jokingly. He hopes to one day have his own cricket academy.


Sifiso’s tips to become a better cricket player or sportsman

  • Work on your mental fitness

  • Increase your physical fitness

  • Ask yourself: How much do you want it? This will determine your workload compared to everything else!


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